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Slainte is an 11-man Irish-American Folk Rock band, based out of Boston. Formed in a dorm room at Boston College, they have been playing pubs and festivals throughout the Northeast since 2013. Slainte offers a fresh take on traditional Irish folk music, medlying the classic ballads with modern favorites, and marrying traditional folk instruments with rock and roll electric guitar.


When Slainte's founding lead singer moved from Boston to New York City in 2016, the original 6 members decided that nobody was leaving the band, but rather the band would continue to play Boston and Providence, and add New York into the mix. Since then we've welcomed 5 new bandmates, put a lot of miles on our cars, played some unforgettable shows, and shared a ton of laughs along the way. Up Down 95 is a product of these last few years. Recorded ourselves in various garages, basements, parking lots, and fields throughout the Northeast, Up Down 95 features some of our favorite classic and contemporary covers, as well as new originals.


Executive produced by Jon Harrington, of Slainte

Produced, recorded, edited, and mixed by Zack Bolles and Stephen Sunshine, of Slainte.

Mastered by Ian Blanton of Empirical Dynamics

Cover art by Bot Roda


1. Up Down 95 (Original)

2. Drunken Lullabies (Flogging Molly Cover)

3. Grace (Cover)

4. Ember (Original)

5. Irish Whiskey (Original)

6. Atlantic City cover (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

7. The Musical Priest (Traditional)

8. Joyce Country Ceili Band (Saw Doctors Cover)

9. Boston Girl Who Fled to New York (Original)

10. Streams of Whiskey (Pogues cover)



Brady Conley: Lead vocals (Up Down 95, Grace, Joyce Country Ceili Band), Acoustic Guitar

Zack Bolles: Lead Vocals (Irish Whiskey, Atlantic City, Joyce Country Ceili Band), Acoustic Guitar

Andrew Rodriguez: Lead Vocals (Drunken Lullabies, Streams of Whiskey), Electric Guitar

Steve Smith: Lead Vocals (Ember), Electric Guitar

Mike Perillo: Lead Vocals (Boston Girl who Fled to New York, Joyce Country Ceili Band), Bass guitar

Stephen Sunshine: Backing Vocals, Bass guitar, Tenor Banjo, Organ, Lap Steel Guitar

Jon Harrington: Fiddle

James Harrington: Harmonica, Tin Whistle

Pat O'Donovan: Backing Vocals, Mandolin, Accordion

Kevin Smith: Backing Vocals, Percussion

Ed Cardenas: Percussion

feat. Special Guest Annie Cheevers: Lead Vocals (Irish Whiskey)



The Black Rose, Boston, MA, USA

Mr. Dooley's, Boston, MA, USA

Cape Cod Irish Village, Yarmouth, MA, USA

Gavin's Irish Country Inn, East Cornwallville, NY, USA

The Bunratty Tavern, Reading, MA, USA

The Cottage, Weymouth, MA, USA

McBride's Pub, East Providence, RI, USA


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